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  • Personal Savings

    In every stage of our life, our priorities and goals differ; so does the way we manage our finances. We start asking ourselves: Should we spend? Should we save? Should we make a small investment to make some profits?

    Have you ever thought of these issues?

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    Read Samer's story with students. Then, discuss with them his financial status and the choices he has to collect the needed money to buy the cellular phone as soon as possible.

  • Respond to the questions which can help you think more of how to plan for your future.

    How are you planning for your future?
    Respond to the following questions.

    Do you think of goals and aim at attaining them?

    ? Have you ever thought of goals you would like to achieve 

    Do you watch your spendings?

    ? Does your income cover your monthly spendings 

    Do you consider saving some money for unexpected expenses?

    ?Where do you save the money you decide not to spend

    What is the percentage of your personal savings compared to your salary?

    Now, let's conduct a research:

    Ask your family and friends if they are planning for their future and old age.

    Do they save some money and how much do their personal savings total with respect to their salaries?

  • Below are two case studies: The first addresses the importance of saving while the second rotates around how we can set our goals and priorities.
    Divide the class into two groups: Assign one case study per group.

    Ask each group to:

    • read the case study
    • jot down the main ideas
    • discuss the raised problematic
    • suggest some solutions
    • Prepare a presentation to open a discussion in class

    Each group should also name a representative and a timekeeper.
    Allotted time is 30 minutes.
    Presentation time is 10 minutes.


    A Case Study

    Samer has a monthly income of 200,000 L.L. Every month, he spends about 125,000 L.L. Now, he'd like to buy a new cell phone, which costs 1,000,000 L.L. Indeed, he has saved 700,000 L.L. and still needs 300,000 L.L. What options does he have in order to gather the remaining sum of money as soon as possible?

    First Option: Saving 10% of his monthly income
    Second Option: Saving the remaining money of his income
    So, which is the better option in your opinion?  


    Group Work

    1. Preparing a list of 10 items to buy
    2. Determining the importance of these items and how they can aid them in attaining their goals
    3. Estimating the price or cost of each item
    4. Choosing one goal and one item they consider the most important to attain in the short, mid, or long term
    5. Specifying their monthly income
    6. Deciding on the sum of money to save on monthly basis
    7. Will they succeed in attaining their goals?


  • While each group is presenting its findings, ask the other students to write down their notes and questions.

    Allot some time for students to comment on their classmates' presentation.


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