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  • Lesson Plan
    • Subject: Science
    • Driving Question: What are stems?
    • Pedagogical Method: Thinking Routines
    • Grade Level: 3
    • Duration: 2 sessions
    • Delivery Method: Messenger Applications
  • Students will be able to identify different stems and their functions.

    • Materials: laptops/tablets/Mobile phones/notebook
    Also find attached the necessary resources in the Files section
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    Lesson Plan Link 1 Video 1 PowerPoint 1 Worksheet 1 Worksheet 1 Worksheet 2 Worksheet 2
    Worksheet 3

    Worksheet 3
    • Identify different types of stems.
    • State 3 different functions of the stem.

    Keywords: climbing, crawling, straight stem

    • Students have been able to observe parts of a plant.
    • Students are able to identify differences and similarities.

  • Start the lesson by asking the students to label the parts of a plant found in the following live worksheet. Send students Link 1 to solve.

  • Ask the students to watch PowerPoint 1 about the stems.

    • Let the students answer the questions found in the PowerPoint on their notebook.
    • Inside the PowerPoint the students will see different types of stems.
    • The following questions will be answered by the students. Answers are to be written on the See, Think, Wonder Sheet (Worksheet 1). 

    1. What do you see?
    2. Think about how this type of stem grows?
    3. What does it make you wonder?

    Have students send their answers via WhatsApp or another messenger application after each type. Provide them with feedback and identify the type of stem before they move on to the next one.

  • Send Video 1 to students to watch. Have them write reflections about “What are the functions of the stem?” They can send their answers through WhatsApp or another messenger application. To check for understanding, have students solve Worksheet 2.

  • Students will write on a padlet what they learned. You and the other students can add your reactions under each comment. For homework, assign Worksheet 3. For a final project, ask students to take a tour in their neighborhood and observe the plants that grow there. Have them list at least 3 different types of plants and identify the type of stem they have. In case students live in the city (and not plenty of plants around), they can visit a nursery, flower shop, or even the plants the neighbor grows on the balcony.