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  • Lesson Plan
    • Subject: Science
    • Driving Question: How can you distinguish reptiles?
    • Pedagogical Method: The 5 E’s
    • Grade Level: 3
    • Duration: 1 session
    • Delivery Method: Messenger Applications
  • Students will be able to identify what distinguishes reptiles from other animals.

    • Materials: laptops/tablets/Mobile phones/notebook
    Also find attached the necessary resources in the Files section
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    Lesson Plan Video 1 PowerPoint 1 Worksheet 1 Worksheet 1 Worksheet 2 Worksheet 2

    • Identify reptiles.
    • Identify the external features of reptiles.

    Keywords: reptiles, habitats, features, snake, crocodiles, turtles, snakes, lizards, Frayer model

  • Engage: Send the set of riddles (PowerPoint 1) to students via WhatsApp or school LMS and ask the students to guess the animal and send their answers back.
  • Explore: Send the link of the video (Video 1) via the same means of communication and ask them to watch it. Ask the students to list at least 3 characteristics of reptiles they were able to identify from the video.
  • Explain: Send feedback to students on their work they do in the previous step, and then can share the characteristics of reptiles through a text on WhatsApp or a voice note.
    Elaborate: Send the concept map (Worksheet 1) for students to solve and return so that feedback can be provided.
  • Evaluate: Send the Frayer model (Worksheet 2) for students to solve and return so that feedback can be provided.