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  • Lesson Plan
    • Subject: Science
    • Driving Question: What comprises the life cycle of a frog?
    • Pedagogical Method: Flipped Classroom
    • Grade Level: 2
    • Duration: 2 sessions
    • Delivery Method: Synchronous
  • Students will be able to label and identify the life cycle of a frog.

    • Materials: laptops/tablets/Mobile phones/ notebook
    Also find attached the necessary resources in the Files section
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    Lesson Plan Worksheet 1 Worksheet 1 Link 1 Link 2 Link 3 Video 1

    • Identify the life cycle of a frog.
    • Label the process in the life cycle of a frog.
    • Define “life cycle” and its components.

    Keywords: metamorphosis, growth and change, life cycle, frog, froglet, tadpole  

    • Students are familiar with a sequence of events.
    • Students know what living things are.
    • Students are familiar with the life cycle of a plant.  

  • Assign students to go over the lesson before class using Video 1. Have them the platform you use (ZOOM, Microsoft Teams, etc.). Ask students to write any comments or questions they have in the chat box or raise their hands so that you can answer them on the spot.

  • Have students answer the following questions in their Journal copybook:

    a) What is a “life cycle”?

    b) How many phases can you remember?

    c) Write down one question you would like to ask related to the offered concept.

    Go over their answers as a class.

    Have students complete a worksheet on Link 1 (to check understanding).

    As a form of formative assessment, send students Link 3 to be solved.

  • Share Worksheet 1 with the students and label each stage together as a class on the platform (you can share your screen with the worksheet). Then share Link 3 with the students to work on independently. Use Link 3 to assess students’ understanding.

  • Have each student come up with a definition for “metamorphosis”. Then, have students pick an animal of their choice and research about its life cycle (interest). Each student should write down about this animal in his/her journal and then share it with the class if there is time left.

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