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  • Lesson Plan
    • Subject: English Language/Grammar
    • Driving Question: How to differentiate between common and proper nouns?
    • Pedagogical Method: 5 E Instructional Method
    • Grade Level: 2
    • Duration: 1 period
    • Delivery Method: Online
  • ● Materials: laptops/tablets/Mobile phones
    Also find attached the necessary resources in the Files section
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    Lesson Plan Common Proper Nouns Test-Common and Proper Nouns AK  Test-Common and Proper Nouns WS1-GW-Common and Proper Nouns AK WS1-GW-Common and Proper Nouns

    • Identify common nouns
    • Identify proper nouns
    • Use common and proper nouns in writing sentences

    Keywords: common nouns- proper nouns- lower case- capital letter

    • Students can differentiate between nouns and verbs.
    • Students can use nouns in sentences
    • Share the PowerPoint presentation. Display the two sentences and ask students to identify the noun in each one.

    1. Sentence 1: My sister is tall.

    2. Sentence 2: Yara is tall.

    ( Possible Response: sister/ Yara)

    • Then, display their answers and ask them to define what a noun is. ( Possible Response: A noun is a word that names a person, place, thing, or object.)

    • Inform students that the two nouns are different.
    • Then, ask them the following questions:
    • What is the difference between these two nouns?
    • What does the first noun begin with?
    • What does the second noun begin with?
    • Which noun names a specific person or thing?

     (Possible Responses: )

    1. The first noun (sister) begins with a small letter or lower case.

    2. The second noun (Yara) begins with a capital letter.

    3. The first noun (sister) names a person in general.

    4. The second noun (Yara) names a specific person.

    • Explain that the noun that names a person, place, or a thing in general and begins with a small letter is called a common noun and that the noun that names a specific person, place, or thing and is capitalized is called a proper noun. (Display the characteristics on the PowerPoint provided.)         
    • Afterward, divide students into various groups and provide them with Worksheet 1(It can be shared on the PowerPoint Presentation provided, or it can be shared as a PDF on the platform you are using). Invite students in each group to work together to identify the common and proper nouns and explain their characteristics. Listen to students’ answers and give the right feedback.

  • Invite students to play a game. Choose a student randomly and ask him/her to give you a common noun and explain its characteristics in 20 seconds. (Set a timer to the screen.) Then, choose another student to give a matching proper noun and explain his answer in 20 seconds.

  • Prepare students for individual evaluation. Provide students with a sample test (Test). It is recommended that the test be digitized on a digital platform, such as Google forms.