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  • Lesson Plan
    • Subject: Science
    • Driving Question: How many type of leaves can we identify?
    • Pedagogical Method: Flipped Classroom
    • Grade Level: 1
    • Duration: 1-2 sessions
    • Delivery Method: Synchronous
  • Students will be able to confirm that different plants have different leaves
    • Materials: laptops/tablets/Mobile phones/ notebook
    Also find attached the necessary resources in the Files section
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    Lesson Plan Worksheet 1 Worksheet 1 Test 1 Test 1 Link 1

    • State that plants have different types of leaves.

    Keywords: leaves, plants, types, types of leaves

    • Students should be able to identify and label parts of a plant.

  • Tell students that they need to go on a Leaf Hunt.

     Each student is supposed to collect some leaves (from the plants they grow on their balcony, the plants in their garden, or plants and trees that grow in the wild). The students are then supposed to observe the leaves they have collected, compare them, and classify them into groups. 

    Make sure to tell your students that the more leaves they collect, the more interesting this activity is going to be. 

    Each student is then supposed to take a picture of the leaves (after they have been classified) and send it to you. Students have the option of doing this activity on cardboard, spreading them on a table at home (with labels), or making a small book of leaves groups. Let them get creative!

  • Share the following questions on a shared screen or whiteboard.

    Do all the leaves look the same?

    How are the leaves different?

    Are there any features that all the leaves have in common?

    Were the different leaves collected from the same plant?

    Hold a classroom discussion. 

  • Share Link 1 so that students can play a memory game that can help them classify leaves.

  • Send the students a Formative Assessment Sheet (Test 1). Have students solve the sheet and send it back to you through the platform you use. The sheet can be changed to a Kahoot game or prepared on Quiziz. Provide feedback to students at the end of the assessment.

    Assign Worksheet 1 as homework.

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