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  • Lesson Plan
    • Subject: Science
    • Driving Question: What comprises the life cycle of a butterfly?
    • Pedagogical Method: The 5 E’s
    • Grade Level: 2
    • Duration: 5 sessions
    • Delivery Method: Synchronous
  • Students will be able to label and identify the life cycle of a butterfly and compare it to other life cycles.
    • Materials: laptops/tablets/Mobile phones/ notebook
    Also find attached the necessary resources in the Files section
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    Lesson Plan Test 1 Test 1 Answer Key 1 Answer Key 1 Link 1 Link 2 Link 3 Video 1

    • Identify the life cycle of a butterfly.
    • Label the process in the life cycle of a butterfly.
    • Compare and contrast the life cycles of certain animals.

    Keywords: metamorphosis, growth and change, life cycle, butterfly, caterpillar, chrysalis, cocoon, larva  

    •  Students are familiar with a sequence of events.
    •  Students know what living things are. 
    •  Students are familiar with the life cycle of a frog.
    •  Students are familiar with the concept of metamorphosis.
    •  Students know how to use a Venn diagram to compare and contrast.  

  • Engage: Send students Video 1 (The Very Hungry Caterpillar by Eric Carle) as an introduction to the lesson. Have them send their thoughts on the video on the platform you use.

  • Explore: Have students use their devices to research the phases in the butterfly’s life cycle, or they have them collect information by observing their surroundings, and then, have them reflect on their journal copybook. You can hold a class discussion about their findings.  

    Explain: Learners complete the diagram in Link 1. This reinforces the new vocabulary words they need to know, as well as the process in the butterfly’s life cycle. To check for understanding, send students Link 2.

  • Elaborate: It is project time. Have students gather various types of materials from home (pasta in different shapes, play dough, paint, etc.). Have each student create their own butterfly’s life cycle (Answer Key 1). Students can send pictures of their work through platform you use.

    During the next session, students choose another animal to compare and contrast its life cycle to that of a butterfly or a frog (have students create a Venn diagram to compare and contrast the two). Have students reflect on the session in their journal copybook (likes, dislikes, learning experience).

  • Evaluate: Ask students to connect the concept “Life Cycle of Animals” to that of plants and people. Have students review the lesson on their own and complete the application page in their textbook (depending on the textbook you use).

    To assess students, use Link 3 and/or Test 1.