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  • Lesson Plan
    • Subject: English Language
    • Driving Question: Common and Proper Nouns
    • Pedagogical Method: 5E Method
    • Grade Level: 2
    • Duration: 1 period
    • Delivery Method: Online
  • ● Materials: laptops/tablets/Mobile phones
    Also find attached the necessary resources in the Files section
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    Test-AK-Fact and Opinion Test-Fact and Opinion WS-AK-Fact and
    WS-Fact and Opinion

    •  Identify facts and opinions

    • Write facts and opinions

    Keywords: fact- opinion- true- feelings- belief

    • Students can identify a sentence
    • Students can write a sentence
  • Share a picture of the winter season on Google Jamboard or any platform you use. Ask students to identify the season and give you one feature of the winter season. Then, ask them whether they like it or not. Afterward, write their answers on Google Jamboard.

    (Possible Answers)

    1. It rains in winter/ It snows in winter.

    2. I like winter season.

  • Inform students that the two sentences written on Google Jamboard are different in context.

    Then, ask them the following questions:

    • Which sentence is true or can be proven?

    (Possible Answer: sentence one)

    • Which sentence expresses a feeling or a belief?

    (Possible Answer: sentence 2)

    Introduce the terms “Fact and Opinion” and link them to the students’ responses. Have them identify the sentence that is a fact and the other that is an opinion by providing an explanation.
  • In this phase, students identify more facts and opinions as they engage in a group work activity. Divide students into various groups and provide them with Worksheet 1. (This can be shared on the platform you are using). Invite students in each group to work together to identify the facts and opinions.)

    Choose representatives to share their answers and explain them to their classmates.

    Have students explain the concept they have experienced when exploring/Make sure students explain why each sentence is a fact (It is valid or can be proven.) or an opinion (It expresses a belief or a feeling.) by focusing on the characteristics of each.

  • Invite students to play a game. Ask students randomly to give you the following:

    • A fact about the sun, summer season, Earth, Lebanon
    • An opinion about ice cream, colors, food, movies

  • Prepare students for individual evaluation. Provide students with a sample test (Test[1] [2] [3] ). It is recommended that the test be digitized on a digital platform, such as Google forms.