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  • Manual for Teachers and Educators
    This course, titled Manual for Teachers and Educators, has been designed specifically for those adults who want to learn about Conflict Resolution in school.
    In this section, you will learn about methods, techniques and definitions concerning Conflict Resolution
    More specifically, the section has been designed to share knowledge about Conflict Prevention and Conflict Mediation and to offer ideas and teaching material about Peace Education and Conflict Resolution Education.
    Finally, the last section is dedicated to the descripton of the Conflict Resolution Workshop, implemented in July 2019 in Beirut, Lebanon.
  • Learning "How to Prevent a Conflict" is the very first step towards Conflict Resolution! Why should you create a conflict about a problem that can be resolved in a few minutes or that can be avoided completely? 
    Sometimes it is really not worth it to start an argument or a fight...
    Learn why and how through the following activities!

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  • In this section you will learn how to Mediate and how to peacefully Intervene to resolve someone else's conflict.
    This section is created especially for teachers, educators and parents. However, it also can be useful for you and children who are especially receptive to active listening and empathy. Take a look and learn how to be the best mediator in town!

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  • In this section teachers and educators can find texts, articles, videos and exercises to use with their students. This section aims to provide teaching and learning materials and support to those teachers who are willing to address conflict resolution education in their classes. 

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  • The Conflict Resolution Workshop is an exciting experience full of interesting activities for students and teachers. 
    It is comprised of activities designed to develop emotional awareness, critical-thinking, nonviolent communication and problem solving skills. The children and educators who take part in the workshop learn about conflict resolution processes and conflict dynamics.
    Also, they have the opportunity to express their feelings, thoughts and opinions in a safe space characterised by a supportive and relaxed atmosphere.

    As part of the peace education curriculum,The Conflict Resolution workshop is a useful tool for fostering youth empowerment and peace building. 

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