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  • Lesson Plan
    • Subject: Math
    • Driving Question: How do we divide different numbers?
    • Pedagogical Method: Inquiry-Based Learning
    • Grade Level: 4
    • Duration: 2 sessions
    • Delivery Method: Messenger Applications
  • ● Materials: laptops/tablets/Mobile phones/math notebook
    Also find attached the necessary resources in the Files section.
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    Test 1 Test 1 Answer Key 1 Answer Key 1 Answer Key 2 Answer Key 2 Answer Key 3  Answer Key 3  Worksheet 1 Worksheet 1 Worksheet 2 Video 1 Video 2 Link 1
    • Identify the components of division is.
    • Use the terms associated with division.
    • Perform basic division.

    Keywords: division, quotient, divisor, dividend, remainder, Euclidean, division

    • Students understand that division is repeated subtraction.
    • Students understand the inverse relationship between multiplication and division.

  • Activate students’ prior knowledge on division through the activity below and have them work independently. Their answers will be represented either on their math notebook/white papers. Have them share their work via the messenger application. 

    1.    Count 30 items that you will divide into 5 equal groups. How many groups do you have?

    2.    Divide the 30 items again into 10 equal groups. How many items do you have now? Are there any items left?

    3.    Divide your items again into 7 groups. How many groups were you able to do this time? What is leftover?

  • Students will take their inquiry further by watching this video asynchronously (Video 2).

    Send the focus questions on the messenger application: 

    1.    What is division? 

    2.    What does a division symbol look like? 

    3.    How do you write a division sentence?

    4.    What is a leftover/remainder?

    To check for understanding, have students transfer their conceptual understanding of division to reflect on the following 321 visible thinking routine (Worksheet 1).

    Once students are done with their reflections, have them share their answers on the messenger application.

  • Students will dig deeper into the concepts and terms related to division. Before students watch Video 2, have them reflect on their math notebooks/paper on the following question: What key terms represent division? 

    Then, students will watch Video 2 to reflect on and sort out the mathematical terms used in division.

    To check for understanding, ask to use the items in order to divide 30 objects into 7 equal groups. Then, have them write the equation of the division sentence and represent the following mathematical terms: dividend, divisor, quotient and remainder. Have students take a picture of their work to share on the designated platform.

  • Have students take the test (Test 1). Set an allocated time for students to send back results through the messenger application (privately).

  • On the Jamboard link (Link 1), have students work asynchronously to reflect on the following:

    • Write down one or two ideas you just learned about division.
    • Invent a math problem with division as an operation. When writing your problem, use the technical terms of the division. 
    • Choose a problem posted by a friend to solve it.

    For homework, send Worksheet 2.