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  • Place Value up to Hundreds
    • Subject: Math
    • Driving Question: How do we identify place values up to the hundreds?
    • Pedagogical Method: Game-Based Learning
    • Grade Level: 3
    • Duration: 40 minutes
    • Delivery Method: Synchronous
  • ● Materials: laptops/tablets/Mobile phones
    Also find attached the necessary resources in the Files section
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    Link 1 Link 2 Link 3 Link 4 Link 5 Link 6 Link 7 Link 8 Link 9

    Video 1 Video 2 PowerPoint 1 Test 1 Test 1
    • Read and write numbers from 1 to 999
    • Find the number just before and just after.
    • Identify the place of each digit in a number.
    • Arrange numbers in ascending or descending order. 
    • The students already know how to place values up to tens.

     Keywords: numbers, digits, ones, tens, hundreds,  place value, just before, just after, ascending, descending, nearest tens, nearest hundred

  • Warming Up (5 minutes)

    Have students choose a picture from PowerPoint 1 and try to read the hidden number (they will need to zoom in). Then, ask a set of questions to the students; for example: What digit is in the tens place in the number? What is the value of the 8 in this number?

    Learning Activity 1 (15 minutes)

    Compare place value chart to a “Sofa” in which each digit in a number is in its corresponding place, using the PowerPoint Presentation. Alert students by saying, “Pay attention to the “0” digit, if we see or hear ‘hundred’ then the number is composed of 3 digits.”

    To formatively assess students, use Link 2 as follows: Ask the questions and have students choose the answer in turn. For example: Color in yellow the numbers where the number is 2 tens and 3 numbers in green the number is 7 hundreds.

    • Learning Activity 2 (15 minutes)

    Explain how to arrange numbers, using this strategy:

    “First, count the digits in each number and choose the smallest (ascending). Then, begin comparing from the left.” Using PowerPoint Presentation, practice comparing some numbers. To check for understanding, use Link 8.

    • Wrap Up (10 minutes)

    Use Link 7 to ask direct questions and make sure that students understand what is required. Assign Link 3 as homework and students can share a screenshot of the results with you. Use Test 1 to assess your students.

    Note: For early finishers or advanced students use the following activity: