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  • Number Forms
    • Subject: Math
    • Driving Question: How do we recognize different number representations?
    • Pedagogical Method: Game-Based Learning
    • Grade Level: 2
    • Duration: 50 minutes
    • Delivery Method: Synchronous
  • Students will learn to recognize different forms of representation of numbers including standard form, word form, and expanded form.
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    Link 1 Link 2 Link 3 Link 4 Link 5 Link 6 Link 7 Link 8 Link 9

    Link 10 Link 11 Video 1 Answer Key 1 Answer Key 1
  • ● Materials: laptops/tablets/Mobile phones
    Also find attached the necessary resources in the Files section
    • Recognize the different forms of representation of numbers
    • Represent numbers using standard form, word form, and expanded form
    • Explain the difference between the forms of representation 
    • Create numbers using different forms
    • How to read and write numbers
    • The place value lesson

    Keywords: standard, expanded, word form

  • Learning Activity 1 (20 minutes)

    After remembering and practicing numbers in word form, show the students a short YouTube video (Video 1) that explains the meaning of standard and expanded form and gives several examples on how to convert a number from standard to expanded form.

    The explanation is mainly based on place value lessons that the students already mastered.

    In the video, the students will see how to convert from standard form to expanded form and the opposite as well. To further practice transforming a number from the standard form, the students can play a game. Open the game (Link 3), sharing the screen with all the students, and direct them to answer and play in turns so that the students will be able to start practicing the learned information in an interesting way.

    To check for understanding, ask a whole-class reflection question: How can we change the expanded form of a number into the standard form using the place value and addition method?

    Learning Activity 2 (15 minutes)

    After practicing and addressing the objectives of the lesson, have students work independently and answer questions on the lesson prepared by the teacher using Link 5. Have students enter, insert their names, and solve all the questions. The game will be in the form of questions and they can earn “dollars” on every correct answer, and will lose “dollars” on every wrong answer.

    To check for understanding, you will receive the results on the website when students finish playing to check and observe their progress and understanding of the lesson.

    Wrap-Up (5 minutes)

    Summarize the main ideas of the lesson: defining the standard form, word form and expanded form meaning, emphasizing how we can convert from each form to the other starting from the place value of the numbers and reminding the students of how addition can help in expanded form.

    Give students the opportunity to ask questions.

    For homework, send students Link 3 and Link 4. Have students send a screenshot of the results to you.

    For the assessment, use Link 6 and the rubric (Answer Key 1).

    For lower achieving students: Link 7 and Link 8

    For early finishers and advanced students: Link 9, Link 10, and Link 11