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  • MiddleSchool Methodology

    Tabshoura Middle School Platform offers an autonomous learning environment for all subjects, allowing learners to be actively engaged in their learning experience. 

    Based on the fact that learners are more likely to remember concepts and knowledge that they have discovered on their own, the Math and Science chapters follow a mode of teaching deeply inspired by the Discovery-Based learning model.

  • The chapter begins with a section called “I Start” which is divided into 2 sections:

  • This is the denser part of the chapter where new concepts are learned. Information is not presented directly, instead, the learners are invited to discover facts for themselves. 

    This section is divided into as many subsections as there are objectives in the chapter.

  • Up to this section, learners have been wandering and seeking answers to construct their knowledge. At this point, they will find everything in one place. No more questions. Just a wrap-up of all concepts in a series of slides (course presentation) that includes definitions, formulas, illustrations, and concept maps. 


    Students might not even go through this section, but it is there in case they need to remember a specific definition, formula, or other important aspects of the lesson. This will save them from having to search back in the "I Discover".

  • At this point, it is time for the learner to test how much and how well they have learned. Learners stop receiving feedback at this point in the chapter. They however still have the possibility to retry if they don't get the answer right from the first attempt. 

    "I Practice" is divided into two sections:

  • This is the last section that will answer the question raised in the I Start section.

    Note that each section is independent of the other. And together they make the chapter. The chapter can be used in chronological order but also teachers can use each section separately for different purposes: for revision, as homework, in flipped classroom material, etc.  This is an extremely useful support tool for teachers!